Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Visit to Philly

I September I flew to Philly to visit Jesse in her new city/ digs with her new puppy. I've only been to Philly a few fleeting times before so I was looking forward to cruising around town with the sis. After Jesse picked me up on Saturday, we went to Green Eggs Cafe for lunch. It was a majorly hoppin place. I realized why once I dug into my buffalo chicken mac n cheese. Holy crap, so delicious and filling! I only ate a third of it. You're welcome, Jesse, for the leftovers for days! I also saw someone getting red velvet pancakes that looked to die for, literally like you could die on the spot from eating them.

We then headed across the street to Brown Betty Dessert Boutique for cupcakes! It's not a real trip with out some cupcakes to sample. I had a sweet potato cupcake, it was very good but also very dense like pound cake. Stella wanted to try it as well.

Speaking of Stella, this is Jesse's first baby, a rescue puppy! She thinks she may be some sort of boxer mix. She's very adorable and perfectly pint-sized, but she chews everything. Somebody needs some training and discipline haha.

Saturday afternoon we went to a Phillies game. I really like the sports situation Philly has going on, all the stadiums are a block apart in this big sports plex. Traffic must suck when there are multiple games going on though. I was excited to visit Lincoln Financial Field and cross it off my "Visit every baseball stadium in the US" list.

For dinner we went to a place I read about in Bon Apetit's top 100 new restaurants of 2012 list, Alla Spina. It was an interesting place. We ordered a scallops appetizer that ended up being raw (which was unsettling). I had the swordfish BLT for my entree and that was delicious! They had some more adventurous items on the menu such as an entire pig's head, but we passed on those. For dessert we split a choco taco and a pudding version of a s'more. Both were amazingly decadent and really hit the spot for this chocolate lover. They now have an apple strudel with sailor jerry zabione that also sounds like it would rock my world (can you tell I love dessert?!).

Luckily we missed most of the downpour during dinner and headed home after that (we were both so exhausted we were asleep by 9pm).

The next morning we got up for some breakfast at Jesse's coffee place, One Shot. I had a pretty amazing latte and a macaron with my breakfast sandwich. This place is run really well and, i have a feeling, way too cool for me. I definitely could have sat there forever if there hadn't been a line for our seats!

Sunday afternoon we went on a winery crawl of sorts. We hit up a bunch of Leigh Vally wineries and tasted lots of wine. I bought a few bottles of holiday wine meant to be warmed before drinking (for Christmas) as well as a couple to bring home with me for my occasional glass of wine. It was a really great way to spend the afternoon, but it was a bit outside of Philly.

That evening Jesse completed the hand off of me to Christine for the second part of my trip (to be detailed in a later post). All in all an excellent visit! thank you to Jesse for showing me around Philly and for an epic visit! Say Hi to Stella for me!

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