Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nerd Party

Since the 4th fell on a Wednesday, my friend, Robbie, decided that we needed to celebrate America again on the Saturday following the 4th. You can never celebrate America enough, so everyone was down with this idea, even after Robbie's love for themed parties struck again and deemed this party a "Nerd Party". This nerd theme quickly warped into a wizard theme since Harry Potter was showing when everyone arrived. Most people were building wizard staffs and enjoying the movie when I arrived. I'm hoping Steph will let me borrow some of her pics later since I have no pictures of my sweet suspenders, black rimmed glasses, and calculator watch on my camera. Here's what I did manage to capture:


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Forth of July

Since the 4th was awkwardly on a Wednesday this year, I opted for some daytime fun in order to be somewhat functional at work on Thursday. Some friends of mine have a wake boarding boat and they invited me out for some time on the water. Despite the vicious sunburn I returned with, the day was a success! That evening I was able to see lots of fireworks from my apartment as well (best part of the day in my opinion)! Here is a recap of the fun:

Happy Independance Day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joe's 30th Birthday

It was my friend, Joe's, 30th birthday last month. It also happened to be his golden birthday as it fell on the 30th. His fiance, Randi, decided to throw him a surprise party to celebrate. I only took a few pictures (with my phone) but suffice to say, fun was had by all. Sorry I have no sock-wrestling pics!

Happy Birthday, Joey!