Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meeting Camden

Kait and Chris had their little nugget a few months back, but I haven't been able to visit them until now. I finally got to meet Camden! We visited with Christine and Abby as well, so it was a nugget event! Such heaven. Check these girlies out, so cute:

Group pic! Abby is enjoying herself.

Abby and I


Camden and I

 Went out to a quick lunch, Abby was practicing her sounds

McDonald's Cone, welcome to the family, Abby

Pretty good at eating ice cream

So pumped for this cone

So glad I was able to meet Camden and see Ab-ster again this year! Miss you ladies like crazy!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mary and John's Wedding

Why B-less when you can B-more? Hit up the home state a few weekends ago to attend Mary and John's wedding. I haven't seen this lady in a bit so I was so grateful that I was able to make her wedding. The day was beautiful and it was so fun catching up.

Gorgeous setting at the Historic Elkridge Inn

Man and Wife!

I love hydrangeas

First dance


Lucy and I

UMD ladies

Out in Fed Hill

Adorable newlyweds

End of the Night, love them!

Congrats, Mary and John! 9 years in the making, many more to come!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Evan's 4th Birthday Party

This particular nugget is getting older so fast! I feel like every time I turn around he's bigger and talking more intelligently and just getting more awesome in general. I got to do his birthday party cupcakes again this year and the theme was batman. In order to avoid doing straight black cupcakes I made them chocolate with blue frosting and created the Batman symbol out of chocolate. They turned out pretty cute and the nuggets seemed to enjoy them, or at least the frosting!

The party was at Jumpin Jungle in Clear Lake, which was a really efficient and fun place for a party in case you're looking, so many bounce houses!


Birthday Boy!

Me and some of my favorite CL nuggets:

Happy Birthday, E!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Free Press Summer Fest 2013

I survived my firs music festival! Houston may never overtake Austin as the music center of Texas, but we do have FPSF. Aside from holding this music festival one weekend earlier (seriously difference of 10 degrees this year!) I don't really have many complaints from this weekend, such fun! Now, it was my first music festival so I don't have much to compare it to music festival-wise, but I can compare it to other fun and this was pretty high on the list of fun things to do in Houston. Seriously, get your tickets early next year and you can get 2 days of crazy awesome tunes for like $60. Here was my weekend, at least the parts I remember:

Team feathered friends meetup at Feagan House before Day 1

2 Chainz!!

Us ladies on Day 1

Nice stache, sir

Lauren and I on Day 1

Got me some before it ran out, delish!

Passion Pit!!! Fave of Day 1.

Hey, Humberto's back!

Calvin Harris, feeling awesome...

Calvin Harris:

Day 2 at Feagan House

Feathered Friends

Dudes with Lauren

Some pretty epic headbands

Matt and Kim
Kim crowd walking

Day 2 group

 The nugget getting her dance on


To-do list: Buy FPSF 2014 tix.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Christine and Abby Come to Houston

Christine and Abby were in Houston in the beginning of June for a wedding so I got to see them again! It was Abby's first trip to Houston and I feel like she fit in quite well. Perhaps she needs to move here...

Randi, Joe, Ryan, And Duck came up from Clear Lake to see Christine and meet Abby

Abby meeting her cousin/brother, Baloo

Finally visiting Eatsie Boys!

So glad I did because it was delicious! Frank the Pretzel:

Da bomb:

They sometimes have homemade ice cream sandwiches, but were out the day we went. They ad libbed some for us anyways! This one is snickerdoodles with pistachio ice cream:

It was super yummy!

Happy to be with these ladies (not pictured: Mary Furg), not so happy to sit on grass

Such a pretty lady!

Boom, curls:

Holy moly, pulling up on everything:

Me and the nugget having some fun in their hotel room:

Ugh, the next time I see them is not soon enough! Thanks for coming to H-town, ladies!