Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 2012 Subscription Boxes

I love this time of year and I also love it when my subscription services theme their fare to the season. It's easier to do with food than make-up and cosmetics, but I really liked all my selections this month. Here ya go with the reviews:

This month had couple of toys, some treats, and some care items. In the pictures above Baloo is enjoying his Moody Pet Humunga Stache ball. It's designed so that if the dog is chewing on the ball, it looks like he has a ridiculous moustache. Baloo was not cooperative and wanted instead to chew on the moustache part so I had to help him a little in the middle picture. He also received a Lollycadoodle wool toy in the shape of a snake made in Nepal, so fancy! As far as treats go, of course Baloo loved the Feelgood Treat Company's Turkey Trail Blazin Bitz. I'm pretty sure Baloo has never met a treat he didn't like, the ladies in the leasing office at my apartment even give him carrots from their lunches sometimes. The care products we received this month were Tropiclean Clean Teeth Gel and Metro Paws Poopy Packs (again). The teeth gel is supposed to help with plaque without the need to brush (which a lot of dogs resist), but Baloo actually has excellent teeth (even his vet is impressed when we visit) so I don't know how much use we'll get out of this. And the poopy packs we've received before and I don't like to see repeats in my subscription services, poor form BarkBox. Especially since the apartment complex provides poop bags anyways! Total Value: $30.11+ exact unknown, some of the items I could not get a price for because they were only available in Canada or for wholesale! Cost: $29.99/mo $5 off with my link!

 I am really happy about this month's Birchbox. It was curated by the people from GOOP (Gweneth Paltrow's website) and it is full of stuff I've been wanting to try. My philosophy is that the subscription services can't help it if you don't like something after you've tried it, but they should at least ensure that the items in the box are worth trying, and I think Birchbox did just that for me this month. I read about the Eve Lom cleanser with special muslin cloths to apply on the blog awhile back and was almost tempted to buy it. The amika hair mask came just in time, I'm currently fresh out of hair mask and I like to apply one once every other week at least. I'm re-discovering a brand of cosmetics I liked in high school: DDF and this month I received their pore minimizer. Jury's still out on this one, but it can't hurt to try. I also received the Chantecaille mascara that everyone keeps saying is the best layering mascara, can't wait to try it this weekend with my Halloween costume! Lastly, I received a Lemon Zest Luna bar that I've tried before in another box and am saving for a soccer day snack. Value: $44.06 Cost: $10/mo

Another jam-packed goodies box this month. I just cannot get over how cheap this box is! They said this box was trick or treat for adults, and I agree. I received Dang Toasted Coconut Chips (I don't like coconut but these were actually quite tasty), Brownie Brittle in chocolate chip (I tend to not like crispy brownies, but this brittle idea is genius!), Smartfood Selects in cinnamon brown sugar (very light, airy, and tasty), Mayesa drink (not switching off chocolate milk just yet...), Nutella & Go! (I've never had nutella but I'm glad to have tasted it because this was yummy), and lastly Juicefuls (like gushers but less fake looking and tasting). I loved all but the Mayesa this month, excellent work goodies! Value: ? Cost: $7/mo seriously

I got some pretty cool stuff in my Glam Bag this month, but I may have to stop this subscription soon because one girl only needs so much mascara and eyeliner. At least the Birchbox tends to have hair products and face/body cleansers mixed in with its makeup. This month I received Pequi Oil Treatment for my hair. So far this seems like an ok serum, definitely not beating out my Kerastase. I also got Mirenesse Lip Bomb Lacquer Stain in a color that is outrageous on me. Way too bold for my taste, but it may go well with my Halloween costume! Next is the Balm Body Builder Mascara. Probably won't get around to trying this with the mascara from Birchbox already in queue. While we're on eyes, I also got Coastal Scents eye shadow in a 4 color palate. I really love purple so I may give the plum color a try. Lastly (still on eyes) I received be a bombshell eye liner. I already have two felt tip eyeliners, but this one is fatter so I'm interested to see how it goes on. Value: $70.31 wowza Cost: $10/mo

As always, let me know if you have any boxes I should be trying!

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