Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grace and Jameson

A weekend ago I traveled back East for a dear friend, Grace’s, wedding. She was married in the lovely Eastern Shore town of Chestertown. The ceremony, setting, and of course the bride were all perfect! I had an amazing time celebrating Grace and Jameson as well as catching up with some of my favorites, Meredith and Hannah (I also got to swing by and see Christine, Abigail, and the Noodle, score)! It was a whirlwind weekend, but definitely worth it to see all those ladies in one weekend. Here are some of my fave pics from the wedding:

My fave bridesmaid, Meredith:

 One last walk with her daddy as a single lady:


First dance:

My favorite part is seeing the wedding cake! I give Grace mad props for this beautiful and yet still fun design! Oh and no fondant, extra bonus points!

The groom's cake (he's a Giants fan obvi):

Check out the veil!

The former CRC lifeguards in attendance:

Me and Mere on the dance floor:

Mere with Hannah on the dance floor:

Possibly one of my fave pics from the night:

There were quite a few dance circles that developed during this wedding:

A boat full of beer!

At the after party with my roomies for the night:

Loves Grace's after party dress:

Had so much fun visiting with my Marylanders! Wish the weekend wasn't so short!

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