Saturday, November 24, 2012

Houston 2012 Color Fun Fest

Last weekend I did the Color Fun Fest 5K with some soccer lady friends. We opted for the night run so we could get colored in neon! The whole idea is that you run through these color stations and get pelted with cornstarch that has been dyed different colors; in our case, neon colors. Then at the end there are black lights and everyone looks like they've been bathing in glow stick. Here we are before the race, all nice and white and clean:

The color stations along the way:

End of the race, covered in color!

I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year, or the next time one comes through town. Everyone should find one and run it wit a big group!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Santa Fe with Mom

 The first weekend of November my Ma and I went to Santa Fe for a little mother-daughter vaca. We stayed in a fun (but weird) hotel in the heart of the city. Everything was within walking distance so we got lots of fresh air and exercise. Along the way we feasted on yummy eats and beautiful Southwestern US views. There may or may not have been some serious shopping as well, but I’m not telling. Here is a pictorial synopsis of the trip:

First meal was at Anasazi, I had the duck:

And I believe my Mom had a mole chicken dish:

There were many interesting sculptures around town, here's my Mom with some fish:

My Mom with a gnarly tree she liked:

 Lunch at Rooftop Pizzeria  the patio overlooked the town, great rest stop int he middle of the day and delicious pizza! We had the No3: Grilled Chicken, Green Chile, Cotija and Asadero Cheeses and Toasted Pinon with Alfredo Sauce on Blue Corn Crust.

For dinner that night we went to Il Piattio, I had the River Trout (very good and well dressed):

For dessert I had pumpkin cheesecake (disappointing, no spice!):

We decided to take a drive to Taos one day and were treated with beautiful scenery along the way:

Rio Grande gorge on the way to Taos:

That evening we went to the recommended La Boca for dinner. We shared a few tapas and some paella (not my favorite paella ever, the chorizo flavor really permeated the dish and I don't really like chorizo)

Random turtle sculpture!

The main reason for our trip, Zuni store, Keshi:

 Buying Zuni Fetishes!

 Had so much fun, where we goin next, Mom?!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The weekend before Halloween day I went to my friends’ Juliet and Troy’s house for some pumpkin carving with them and the Crisps! I do love hanging with those nuggets and the pumpkin carving was fun (even if the kiddos are not old enough to wield a knife yet). I went for a traditional jack-o-lantern and the kiddos picked out patterns for their parents to cut for them. Everyone did an excellent job! I was super happy to be able to hang out with some of my favorite families, thanks Williams and Crisps!

Grayson supervising:

Jaxon helping remove the guts:

He wanted to make sure he got every last fiber of guts:

Mom and Dad helping Avery and Evan with their pumpkins:

Jaxon's finished product:

My finished Jack-O-Lantern (photo credit: Jaxon)

Everyone's pumpkins:

Grayson cheesin for me:

Jaxon giving me the big teeth smile:

Avery looking quite adorable:

Even sticking his tongue out at me, stinker!:

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Since it's almost Thanksgiving, I guess it's time for a Halloween synopsis. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I have, however, been slacking in the costume department in recent years. This year my friends Skyler and CB were hosting a Day of the Dead Halloween party so I knew this was my chance to remedy that situation. I decided to go as Poison Ivy from Batman and Robin. I made my costume from a green dress, fake ivy, lots of hot glue, a red wig, and some green eye makeup for the ‘eyebrow’ effect. Here’s a terrible phone picture of the costume (I forgot to get one with my camera):

Here are some of the other peeps at the party:

Skeleton Puppies!

Robin Hood and Rapunzel:

The Day of the Dead Peeps (it was the theme of the party):

Waldo Sr.:

A Mime and Lance Armstrong's Career (he went as something dead to match the theme):

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giveaway winner!

The Nature Box Giveaway Winner is comment number 2, Krista A. Congrats! You should receive your Nature Box from the company when they ship their monthly box (either November or December's box). Thanks to everyone who participated, be sure to use that promo code APPLE25 if you didn't win and are still interested in trying Nature Box!