Thursday, April 7, 2011

Alisha's 25th Birthday Celebration in Kemah

This past weekend a bunch of us gathered in Kemah to celebrate Alisha's quarter century birthday. We started the evening at Red for sushi and hibachi! We were quite the crowd, everyone took up an entire hibachi table (two hibachi grills)! After several hours of fun there, we all headed over to Palapa's for some dancing and fun. Some of you may know that I took a few pole dancing exercise classes with some friends about a year ago. It was surprisingly difficult and a great workout. The instructor from those classes, Kara, was at Palapa's (apparently they have a pole on the dance floor) and doing some demonstrations, which was tons of entertainment. We even got the birthday girl to give us a spin or two! Super fun times:
Our hibachi chef:


Blowing our candles:

Some of us ladies at dinner:

craig giving the pole a try:

Steph and I at Palapa's:

Happy birthday, Alisha!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cupcakery Review: Miss Ginny's Bake Shoppe

At the behest of my friend Kristine, I headed over to Space Center and Pineloch to check out Miss Ginny's Bake Shoppe last week. It's pretty hidden in the strip mall on the corner there so just pull into the parking lot and drive around until you see the 'BAKERY' sign. I tested out her lemon, vanilla, chocolate cream, and snickerdoodle cupcakes. Definitely one of the best vanillas I've tasted in awhile! I also thought that the chocolate ganache on the chocolate cream was very good and the perfect consistency. The snickerdoodle, while maybe intended to be only a muffin (it didn't have any icing), was probably my favorite. She didn't have very exciting flavors, but what she did have was quite yummy, huge portions, and well priced (only $2.50- $2.75!). Here are some pics of my tastes:


Chocolate Cream:

I ate the vanilla before I had my camera, whoopsies. Head over to Miss Ginny's in Clear Lake to taste for yourself (I hear the red velvet is amazing but it wasn't in stock while I was there). Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baloo and Bernoulli are 3!

Well, technically their birthday was last Monday, March 28th, but I wanted to take some fresh pics of Baloo before making this post. We didn't get them until May, so our anniversary with the pups won't be until them, but I still can't believe that they are already 3! I can hardly image a time that we didn't have pups but it also seems like just yesterday that we picked them up from a slightly creepy, dog food-lined trailer in Dayton, TX! Here are some pics to take you (and me) down puppy memory lane:

At the 'shelter' where we adopted the pups:

Baloo at 3 mo:

Noodle helping with the dishes:

Pups snuggling in their (now Noodle's) chair:

Reenacting our first pic at 6 months, such big boys!:

Getting ready to see Santa!:

Noodle hiding under Christine's bed (probably being naughty):

Pups playing in the water in Seabrook:

Noodle caught tunneling in my bed:

Muddy Baloo at doggie socialization:

Last Picture together in TX:

Always hungry! Noodle in his food bag in WA (sent from Christine):

Baloo's newest quirk: laying in the bathtub while I'm home and ignoring him:

He really won't come out:

My boy, the avid squirrel hunter:

Baloo on his 3rd Birthday:

Happy birthday boy:

Happy birthday, boys!