Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Puffy Quilt for Abby!

One of the many goodies I brought with me when I visited South Jersey was a baby puffy quilt for Abby! This one took me forever to pick out the fabric. There were so many directions to go! I thought maybe it should be cowgirl themed since her Aunt Jaclyn lives in Texas, or maybe space themed because her mama worked at NASA, or maybe something zoo themed since I love the zoo and I couldn’t wait to go with Abby (check!). I ended up finding a brand new fabric with maps, and anchors, and narwhals that I fell in love with. I figured since she’s going to be such a fancy world traveler (thanks to her daddy in the Navy), it would be incredibly suitable. And, it was pink and navy colored which was perfect for this princess! Check out the end product:

I’ve heard that Abby likes her blanket and has been getting some good tummy time on it. Keep up the hard work, lady!

Love you,

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