Tuesday, October 16, 2012

August Subscription Boxes!

Since October is already here, I guess I best get to posting about my August subscription boxes! I only had 4 boxes this month, but it was a high quality month! Here are my goodies:

This month's theme was 'Beauty School' since everyone is headed back to school. There was a pamphlet with all the beauty school essentials and details on why you would need them as well as the usual goodies. So this month included a Schick razor, Oscar Blandi Conditioner, DDF facial cleanser, Noir long wear eyeliner, and Juicy Couture perfume. I have tried the razor before and it makes my skin super itchy and angry so I'm gonna pass that off to someone else, the conditioner was lovely, but not as good as some others I've tried, the facial cleanser was great and smelled lovely, the eyeliner I found to be difficult to use because I prefer liquid, and the perfume was actually quite lovely. I may even buy some! Total value: $40.12! Cost: $9.17 (with 1 year subscription) $10 month to month

This month was pretty good. I liked the Circus neon orange nail polish, but of course I already own neon orange :( The eclos serum and cream smell nice and apply cleanly, but I haven't been using them regularly (I just can't get that into wrinkle removers when I'm only 27). The Demeter clean skin rollerball perfume was ok, very light scent that I could barely smell. The eye glitter was not my style, way too over the top. Total value: $36.77 Cost: $10

A pretty fun BarkBox this month! Baloo got a Flying fish toy that you fling through the air, he had fun shredding that one. The Milkbone trail mix he inhaled, but I don't think I would purchase that because it's a bunch of little pieces, almost like a mini meal. The Nature's Miracle spray sounds like a good idea, but I never have an instance where Baloo smells and he doesn't get a bath (hello, he sleeps in my bed!). there was something this month that I've never seen before (quite impressive): moose antler as a chew bone. They are from Acadia Antlers and they use only naturally shed antlers from moose of Maine (so they're a bit expensive). I bought some extras for Baloo, Stella, and Bernoulli. The big winner was the Elvis peanut butter, banana, and bacon dog treats from Bocce Bakery! I even bought more and brought some to Bernoulli when I visited in October!!! Such clever flavors (think PB&J or truffle mac n cheese) and make from simple ingredients (the Elvis are oat flour, peanut butter, bananas, and turkey bacon). WIN! Total Value: $34.46 Cost: $22/mo for 3 month plan $29 for month to month plan

Wow, this box had a lot of good stuff this month. I have a serious addiction to Pretzel Crisps already, no need to re-introduce us, we're old friends. The Unbreakable wine glasses are great because everyone who knows me knows that I hate glassware. Plastic for me all the time! The diffuser had me skeptical at first, I usually find the ones displayed in other people's bathrooms to be really offensive (smell-wise), but the scent here was quite pleasant and I still have it in my bathroom today (it's lasted two months and it is only halfway evaporated). The butt exercise video I have yet to try, I like to do my exercises while watching fun tv shows, not wasting my time doing an exercise video. The facial cleansing oil and exfoliater I find difficult to use. The cleanser needs to be applied via a cotton pad and I think that it wastes a lot of the cleanser that way. The exfoliater is like rubbing sand on your face, difficult to operate and really rough on the skin. I have no info on where to buy all this stuff, but I'm pretty sure the total value is over the $35 I paid!

A pretty good month! I have cancelled the Must Have box because it was so expensive ($35/mo). It was a great value, but just more than I wanted to spend on a subscription box.

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  1. That must have box looks so nice! Too bad it has to be so pricey!