Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Crawfish Boil

First crawfish of the year came at an epic crawfish boil thrown by the Feagan house dudes in conjunction with other friends. Hundreds of pounds of crawfish and potatoes and corn, yum! It was a pretty epic party overall with corn hole, a slip-n-slide, twister, and of course great friends!

Miles of mud bugs!

Boil Master at work


Host Tom

A few of us ladies


Then we caught the Wave haha


Such a great day!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Zip Code

One of the billion things I was juggling during my blogging hiatus was deciding to and then figuring out where to move. I decided I needed to live in the city as opposed to the suburbs of Houston. This was a little bit of a hard decision because it meant not only a much longer commute (like 3x as long) but also a slight increase in cost of living. Now, my plan last year was to move to DC so the change in cost of inner city Houston is not nearly as bad as I had been bracing for, but still. I was a bit panicky when, with 2 weeks left until my lease ended I had not found a new apartment. Luckily, I was touring around near Highland Village on St. Patty's weekend and stumbled upon a great option that was actually reasonable to live in a single. Pretty much got the application, moving truck, packing etc all done in about a week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

How has the move worked out you ask? Why don't you tell me how it looks to you:

Finally got all my stuff in the new place

At Chris' plate reveal at The Flying Saucer

St. Patty's weekend

Good times at Royal Oak

An unusually large group of ladies having fun in Midtown

Ok so technically not downtown, but the Chili Cookoff happened after I moved

Working on getting Steph into the city

Baloo loves his trips to the Arboretum

10 min from Saint Arnold's

Things go down at the Drinkery

First Grouper!

Having so much fun! And I just bought a sleeper sofa, so come visit!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Color Run 2013

I already did the Color Fun Fest with my soccer ladies, but we wanted to see how the original Color Run ran things, plus it was during the day and our first one was at night. We convinced a few more ladies to run this one and had a pretty good group. Unfortunately it ended up being a super cold and windy day and we were worried that we wouldn't get enough color. We needn't be worried, as you can see in these pics:

All pretty and clean before the run

Soooo many people, and this is just one of 3 flights

Check out these tutus

Blue station approach

Yellow station

Before color toss at the finish

Fail on my part at the jump pic, congrats to everyone else

Getting a little leaf blower action to clean some of the color off

So colorful!!!

Had so much fun with these ladies, can't wait for our next run!

Friday, May 24, 2013

CB's Birthday at Saint Arnold's

So happy that I can no longer write "the brewery" and assume you'll know what I'm talking about. Saint Arnold's is no longer the only show in town for craft brews, however it is still the best organized and biggest haha. So, we all trooped over to celebrate Corey Beth's birthday with some yummy brews. I was happy to be rid of all the 6pk carriers that I had been holding onto for the past 5 years (they recycle them and give you goodies for them like free entry to the brewery tour etc). Sky and CB brought some goodies to eat and we all had a great time just hanging out. Not too often that I get to see these folks outside of soccer so it was a great time.

Randi hanging out with Drew dude

Brian exchanging he 85787956987 six pack carriers for lots of goodies

The whole gang at Saint Arnold

Happy Birthday, Lady!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

San Fran to See Mere

Well it's been awhile my friends. Let's just say I've been busy. Like 'there are so many things going on you get an ulcer' busy. Yes, apparently perfectly healthy 27 year olds can get ulcers. Whoopsies. Stay tuned to see all that I've been up to in the past months. I plan on catching up to current happenings by next week. Woohoo!

Now, on to my amazing trip to San Francisco to visit Meredith. Warning: mucho awesome pictures ahead. Meredith moved to San Fran last summer and I instantly wanted to visit her and the great state of California, but plane tickets were redic in the summer so I put that in the 'have Airfare Watchdog keep an eye on this for me' pile until February when an amazingly good deal arrived and I snatched it up. Added bonus: I accidentally booked this trip for Super Bowl weekend and both the 49ers and Ravens (Meredith's team) were kind enough to make it to the Super Bowl to create a perfect storm of sorts for an epic weekend. Bring it on. Here is a pictorial account of our shenanigans:

Mere had to work a bit so I did some exploring, saw me a trolly on one of the 76476576 hills

Ghirardelli Square, chocolate!!!

Alligator Bread!

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Celebrating Grace's Birthday with a tequila shout out for our favorite remaining DC lady :)

San Francisco Zoo!

Everyone is getting into the Super Bowl Frenzy

Primates were a highlight, sweet stache dude

Nice ass B

Straight Posing Silverback homie

New friends

Golden Gate Bridge, necessary stop

So apparently Wheat Thins was debuting new flavors of Wheat Thins via Twitter during the Super Bowl. We has some...

So, all in all it was a perfect trip with many more shenanigans that escaped my paparazzing like the tour of Tcho, making zero friends walking around San Fran with Meredith wearing her Raven's jersey on Super Bowl Sunday, secret speakeasy drinking etc. Can't wait to visit again asap, thanks Mere!