Friday, June 17, 2011

Cookie Monster and Elmo Treats for Evan

It was Mr. Evan Crisp's 2nd birthday last week and I was lucky enough to be in charge of his cakes for this birthday party last weekend. His mamma, my friend Amy, requested cake pops and cupcakes that looked like Elmo and Cookie Monster. I had never tried to make cake pops before so I had to do a few trial runs before I was comfortable committing. I can't say that I'm the next Bakerella (who inspired these cake pops) but they were recognizable to a 2 year old so I call that a win! Here are the goodies:

Cake Pop Supplies:
I used mercken candy melts and wilton candy dye (to make cookie bluer) for the coating. The face on cookie was a dark chocolate candy melt cut in slightly more than half, Nabisco Gripz cookies, and candy eyes. The face on elmo was a dark chocolate candy melt cut in half, tear drop candies for the nose, and candy eyes.

Cupcake supplies:
I used cream cheese icing with red gel food coloring pushed through a grass tip (#233). The face on elmo was a cut in half oreo cookie (only one side, no icing), grocery store jelly bean, and icing eyes with a mini chocolate chip iris. The icing on cookie was vanilla with blue gel food coloring pushed through a grass tip. The face on cookie was a cut in half chips ahoy cookie, and candy eyes.

Thanks to Amy and Evan for including me on this fun day!


  1. Wow! Those look incredible! You have got some mad skills! Plus the cake pops were such a great touch.

    Btw, I found you through a google search for a review on Delesandri's (random, I know). I feel pretty much the same way as you do about it, also, by the way. I actually live in League City and I love meeting other Houston area bloggers. Come visit me: And I also started a blog for Houston bloggers to network here.

    Following you now!

  2. awesome!!! i did cupcakes like this once and they were cool. I wish I would have thought of the oreo for elmo's mouth. i LOVE the cake pops...AWESOME!!!

  3. They're so awesome! Props sis