Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Piroshky Piroshky in Seattle

One more food post before the actual Seattle trip post! After leaving the airport, our first stop was to Pike's Market in Seattle. Ben had requested a beef and cheddar piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky. Now, you all know that I don't eat red meat and beef+cheddar wrapped in dough sounds like an insta-heart attack but I was promised dessert-y options so I was completely down. According to their website a piroshky is: "A hand held meal in the form of a stuffed pie with a variety of fillings". Since we arrived late in the day, our options were limited but I still saw something delicious in the window and opted for an apple cinnamon roll. It ended up being very delicious (and messy for that matter). This place definitely warranted a return visit (preferably in the morning when they are being made fresh by the minute). We headed there again at the very end of my trip for breakfast before the airport. This time I got a fresh rhubard piroshky and went back for a cinnamon cardamom braid. Both were delicious, hot, and fresh. I can see why the Krolls love this place! Check out my selections:
Under construction:

Apple Cinnamon Roll:

Cinnamon Cardamom Twist:

Be sure to make a stop in to Piroshky Piroshky's when in Seattle! Ben recommends the beef and cheddar but I like the sweets! Enjoy!

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