Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chocolate Bar in Rice Village

I recently had a SoccerTots meeting to go to at Memorial Hermann Park, as well as a Groupon to The Chocolate Bar in Rice Village. Obviously I was to be rewarded for driving all the way downtown for a hot 2 hour meeting that involved standing the entire time. I arrived at the Chocolate Bar ready to get my sugar high on. There were so many different things to choose from, not to mention flavors, that it took me awhile to zero in on the perfect goodies. I finally decided that since it was so hot out I needed ice cream, and me being not one to pass up on cake I also got me a giant slice as well. Birthday party anyone? I chose root beer float ice cream, which ended up being super refreshing and just what I needed after my second sweat-fest of the day. My cake slice was the Night and Day cake, a giant 4 layer chocolate cake with chocolate chips encased in white icing topped off with chocolate ganche. This cake was fierce, yet a bit dry. Don't worry I didn't kill it in one sitting, but I did rock that cake in 2 hehe. If you are looking for a taste of something I also picked up a dark chocolate toffee bar that was amazing (sorry no pics, but you can imagine). If you need something sweet and are in Rice Village (they're open late!), I recommend swinging by the Chocolate Bar!

Let me know if you get something different and love it!

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