Monday, October 25, 2010

LG Reunion Party in DC

This weekend I traveled to DC for a variety of wonderful reasons. 1) My amazing friend, Kait Baker, was getting married on the 23rd 2) Christine was going to be there and since her wedding we've been separated for the longest time since we met, a reunion was in order and 3) My favorite CRC lifeguards were having a long overdue reunion party! Obviously lots of fun to be had. I arrived at BWI around 9pm- just in time to see the Yankees blow the 5th inning (and subsequently the entire game) of their must-win ALCS game. Then Christine arrived and all was better! Wonderful Meredith picked us up from the airport and we were en route to DC. The party had already started at grace's apartment and I was super excited to see lots of long lost faces like Ron$, Liz, and Hannah Banana as well as the faithful reunion faces like Lindsey and Grace. Here are some pics from the subsequent shenanigans:

Loved seeing everyone! Thanks to Meredith for providing transportation and booze and to Grace for providing an air mattress, washer and dryer, and booze!

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