Monday, October 25, 2010

Kait is Married!

So onto the second half of my weekend: Kait's wedding! The ceremony was on Saturday at the UMD Chapel (jealous) and the ceremony was performed by Father Bill, miss him! Here is the married couple, Kait and Chris:

Everything was beautiful and since there was a bit of a lull between the ceremony and the reception, Christine and I decided to roam campus for a little while. Here is what happened:
View from the chapel:

Fall foliage self pic (yes, I look like a nut):

At the fountain on the mall:

Things went downhill from there. we stopped at the Union for refreshments and then headed back to Meredith's. Along the way we had to lose the heels and stockings, apparently we aren't quite the campus trekkers we used to be.

After a sweet nap and some hair repair came the reception. This was held at the UMUC Marriott. We settled into our singles table and crossed our fingers to (not) win the centerpiece Betta fish. After some rousing speeches and delicious food (crabcake=yum!!) came the dancing. Here are my pics from the wedding:

Such a great time, I was so glad I could make it to the wedding. Major thanks to Meredith for the housing this evening and for the car borrow so I could score some Bagel Place! Also major props to Steph for taking care of Baloo all weekend, he seems unfazed by my absence :)

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