Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Monthly Subscriptions

So, after loving both my Foodzie and Birchbox experiences so much, I decided to see what else was out there by way of monthly box subscriptions. I came across many options depending on what you're looking to get:
Blissmobox- focuses on organic and eco-friendly goods ($22)
Also offer Blissmo Break Box- for a company snack room I guess, they ship every 2 weeks with tons of healthy snacks ($98)
Babbabox- kids' activity box ($29.99)
Eco Emi- extremely eco-friendly, organic, sometimes raw products ($15)
Citrus Lane- age specific products for kids ($25)
Makeup Monthly- full-sized make-up to try from well known brands, nail club ($20), cosmetic club ($30), beauty care club ($35)
Conscious Box- ethical, sustainable, environmentally conscious, 100% vegetarian products ($19)
Kiwi Crate- Kids projects for ages 3-6 ($19.95)

I decided to try the Blissmobox in December. It had some interesting products.
So far I've used the baking cups (they separated from the cupcakes after a day), the cinnamon (delicious, like all cinnamon), and the pecan butter (love nut butters, and this one had a great taste). I can't say that I was blown out of the water with this, but I may try one more to see how they do with a different theme (December was the kitchen box). Let me know if you try any of the other boxes!

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  1. aaaand I just signed up for Blissmobox! Good finds!