Monday, January 16, 2012

Home for the Holidays

This year I had an amazing break at home with fam and friends. It was my longest vacation to date and I loved every minute of it! I spent a lot of time with the fam at the Blue Wind, easily their favorite restaurant/ wine bar in The County. You should definitely make it a part of your to-do list if you ever find yourself visiting St. Mary's County, MD. On one of our many visits we ran into the Devines (also frequent guests of the Blue Wind), including my friend, Kelli, from high school. She got married awhile back and I haven't seen her recently, but she's pregnant! So adorable!

I love being at my parents' house for Christmas because my Mom somewhat loses her mind decorating for this holiday. The house is primarily painted in red, green, and navy anyways so it really lends itself to Christmas decorating. Here are a few snapshots of the trees my Mom had scattered throughout the house:

Another welcome attraction at my parents' house is their dog, Gracie. She loves me. I may buy her affection with scraps and continuous petting, but whatever. This is her 'wtf woman, why aren't you petting me' face:
 Gracie's Christmas present from Baloo and I:
It was a santa rope toy with squeakers, win:
 This is her favorite sleeping/ being pet position:
Love her. And of course, I get to see alllll the fam. Here is a pic of me with the grandparents on Christmas Day:

As always we went on our yearly trip into DC to visit the museums with my Grandma. This year we went to the Freer Gallery and made a quick dash into the insanely packed Natural History Museum to see a new mummy exhibit. Here are my favorite pieces from the exhibits:
From the Freer Gallery, I found shrek! aka a Ritual Ewer from 1200-1100BEC China:
Fittings in the form of tigers, Shaanix province 900BCE:
From the Natural History Museum: A mummy of an Egyptian Divine Bull:
Inner coffin of Tentkhonsu:

My sister, Jesse, goes to trivia at a nearby bar on occasion with her friends and their parents. We had a kids vs parents duel and we may have lost, but it was tons of fun all the same. The parents got first place in the whole place (my Dad is a wealth of minute detailed information) and won $50!

And towards the end of my vacation I was able to visit my childhood friend, Alison, and her new baby, Reagan! A real cutie! So glad I could meet her.

I had the best time at home and I miss everyone already. Can't wait for my next trip back East!

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