Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Birchbox Breakdown

In addition to evaluating the Foodzie Box's value for this month I also decided to evaluate the value of my Birchbox.

All my goodies, theme was Clarity this month.

Looks like we already have over full value haha! And, yes I checked the size and they are both .01oz.

This is available in a 150mL size for $19.50. I like the minty scent and how refreshing this face wash is.

I don't really like bars of soap because they're so messy, but I've been keeping this one by my bathroom sink for quick hand washes, say for after petting Baloo for a bit. It does smell nice.

LARABAR= $0.61
These are sold in packages of 12, but you can get them at most food/ sport and health stores individually. I really didn't like this, I fed most of it to Baloo. But, to be fair I really hate coconut so this was a bust from the get-go, not really the bar's fault.

I'm guesstimating the volume to be about 5mL (sorry I work in a lab and I roll SI units folks) so this price is really an estimate. I actually really liked this fragrance, but since I just bought one I might have to pass on this one.

Grand Total= $34.63

Wowza, I'd say I really got my money's worth this month considering the Birchbox is only $10! Even if I don't like an item or two, it's still a deal. I think I shall continue with this venture :)

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