Friday, January 20, 2012

January 2012 Foodzie Tasting Box

It's my first month paying full price for the new, more expensive Foodzie Box and while I enjoy getting new things and flavors delivered to my door, I want to make sure it is worth the price hike. Here is my Jan 2012 box:
Loaded with lots of goodies to be sure. Here is the breakdown:

Pacific Sea Salt and Cinnamon Crunch biscuit by Somersaults
2oz= $1.89 (x2)= $3.78 + s&h($5.95)
These are also available at Whole Foods, closest of which is 45 min from my apt.

Vanilla Blueberry Energy Bar from Bearded Brothers
4pk=$12 so 1=$3 + s&h($4.95)
These are also available at Luke's Locker, also 45 min away.

*Sea Salt & Nibs Bar by Madecasse*
1= $5.99 + s&h($5.99) but there is a min $17/ order
Also available at Whole Foods

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Kelapo
8oz= $7.69 so 0.5oz= $0.47 +s&h(4.95)

Sun Ripened Pu'er Tea by Five Mountains
2oz= $19.95 + s&h($5.60) 
I have no idea how much was in our box, the pkg is not labeled, I shall weigh it tonight and edit post tomorrow!
So I weighed it and there was only 1oz in the bag so this is actually 1oz= $9.98 + s&h($5.60)

Quite Cheesy Kale Krunch by Alive & Radiant
1= $5.99 (s&h tbd)

Roasted Almonds by Stackhouse Orchards
3lb= $25 so 4oz= $2.08 + s&h(free from Foodzie this month)

This brings my total box to a grand total of $31.29 before even calculating in separate shipping and handling costs. Since the current cost of a Foodzie box is $29.99, it seems this is an ok deal. And, as you can tell, there are a few items that cannot even be bought as a single. Now, the highest value item of this box was the tea. I have yet to try this tea, but I'm not a real big tea aficionado like my sister so that's not something I would have been interested in buying/ trying to begin with. I will continue with the Foodzie box for a month or two more and continue to assess the worthiness of it. Stay tuned for future boxes!

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  1. Wow... what an awesome idea! All of that loot looks so yummy! I need to jump on this!