Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cupcakery Review: Cupcake Couture in San Antonio, TX

The second cupcakery that my mom and I stopped at while in San Antonio was Cupcake Couture on Broadway. This wide open shop displayed a great variety of cupcakes (be sure to check the refrigerator for the cold ones too). I was impressed by the different flavors such as pistachio, but I felt that some of the cupcakes ran a little dry. To be fair, not all of the cupcakes were eaten right away because this shop only offers regular sized cupcakes. I ate the turtle cheesecake cupcake in the store and my mom tasted her cappuccino cupcake first. The cheesecake was right out of the refrigerator when I tried it, so that dampened the cream cheese flavor a bit, but overall it was delicious. the flavors that I tried later were red velvet (little dry and I don't like the maraschino cherry on top, it makes me think I'm eating black forest cake), pistachio (icing was divine but the cake was quite dry), Mexican chocolate (totally dry and uninteresting), and chocolate with peanut butter icing (cake dry, icing yummy- Baloo especially enjoyed the icing). I would have to rate this cupcakery a B- due to dryness, but I'm loving that they are trying interesting flavors. Here are my pics:


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