Thursday, March 31, 2011


I recently received an amazing Chocomize chocolate bar from my sister to cheer me up about my car dying/ celebrate buying a new car. I LOVE this company and have been sending peeps their bars since I discovered them about a year ago. The bar Jesse made me had dried raspberries, pistachios, coffee, and rice crispies- and was extremely delicious! You have to check them out if you want to send a little hello to someone. The idea is that you pick a chocolate flavor (dark, milk, or white) and then add whatever flavors, nuts, candies, spices you want until your perfect chocolate confection is born. They often have edible messages around holidays like Valentine's day and Mother's Day. So, if you don't feel like counting on the Easter bunny this year, order yourself a Chocomize bar and get exactly what you want!

P.S. Sign up for their newsletter because they send out coupon codes for 10% off. I believe the last one was "springfever" but I'm not sure how long that will be working.

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