Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Baker's Christmas List for Santa

For those of you out there that may be buying Christmas presents (or late Hanukkah gifts) for a baker, I thought I'd put together some suggestions to help you out. First category that will always be appreciated are awesome ingredients. The following are some examples:

Meringue Powder- this is a magical ingredient for icing and obviously meringue!

Espresso Powder- this will make any chocolate recipe into a magical chocolate recipe.

Vanilla Bean Paste- so much more flavorful than extract and without any lingering alcohol flavor in frosting.

Next group are cupcake specific gadgets for avid cupcakers (like me!):

24 Cupcake Carrier- So they can bring you their creations!

Cupcake Corer- to make filled cupcakes like the Boston Cream Cupcakes

Fancy Icing Gun- Keeps the icing under control better than a bag and this one works with all Wilton tips

Jumbo Icing Tips- I find that the large ones are best for cupcake decorating

This last section includes things that are just great for any baking.

Double Boiler- melts chocolate like a dream (I need to stop microwaving my poor chocolate)

Nutmeg grinder- almost every recipe from fall through Christmas has nutmeg and fresh nutmeg is a million times better than store-bought

Varying sizes of Scoops- perfect for cupcake batter distribution, mini cupcakes, cookies, etc etc.

Kitchen Torch- great for s'mores cupcakes and creme brule if you wanna get fancy!

I hope this list helps in your Santa-ing adventures this Christmas. Let me know if you've seen any awesome must-have gadgets!