Saturday, March 24, 2012

RV and Laura's Wedding

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by a friend of mine, Laura, to bake her wedding cake and after party cupcakes. First thought: this is terrifying. Someones wedding day is one of the few days of your life that you will remember forever and I really didn't want to mess it up. She asked for a certain flavor combination: lemon cake with lemon curd and raspberry puree topped with vanilla bean icing. The baking part I knew I had down pat, it was the decorating that I was worried about. There's a reason I generally stick to cupcakes: my hand-eye coordination is not exactly above-par (another reason I play soccer haha). Decorating was definitely going to be my challenge, but thankfully Laura asked for a more rustic look. Rustic I can do (if not by accident)! I made three tiers with three layers each. I don't have any pictures of the assembled cake because I delivered it un-assembled for easy transport. Hopefully the photographer at the ceremony will have some pics later. Update: Pic from the photographer at the wedding:

I also baked 100 cupcakes for the after party. The flavors were cookies and cream, key lime, champagne with raspberry frosting, and chocolate with cream cheese filling. 100 is a lot of cupcakes! I finished them all in time for the Friday night after party, though and I think the evening was a success! Here are some pictures from the evening:
The groom with some lifelong friends:
 Me with the bride:
 Dance floor action:
 Some of my cupcakes after the party had begun:
 Sweet moment:
 Me with the new Mrs and Mr!
Major thanks to Laura for putting her trust in me on this major life moment. Congrats and wishing you many happy years together!

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