Monday, March 19, 2012

Buddy Bites Seabrook, TX

I recently saw an ad in the monthly local coupon booklet for a doggie bakery in Seabrook (where I live). I drive by the address they were listed at on a regular basis so I was confused as to why I had never stopped in, being that I spoil my dog beyond rotten. When Jesse was visiting I remembered the coupon I had cut out and we stopped in to check out this place, Buddy Bites. Turns out it is in half of a building shared with a dog grooming company and the grooming company sign dwarfs the bakery sign, so it was no wonder I had never seen it. We went in and it's set up just like a bakery with the display cases. There are items for sale by the item and by the pound. There are also dog accessories along the wall. I got Baloo a leash as well as a woofie pie, pup pop and a few others (told you he was spoiled). He inhaled everything, of course, except the cheesy bites because they molded over before we go to them. My advice to the company is to sell the more delicate things in sealed bags instead of the tied closed bags. other than that, Baloo is one happy customer:

Baloo's birthday is at the end of the month so maybe I'll have them make him a cake or something. Check out Buddy Bites if you're in Seabrook, their prices are reasonable and they make organic and locally sourced yummies!

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