Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baloo and Bernoulli Turn 4!

My (four-legged) babies are growing up so fast! I can't believe I've had a dog for 4 years now, that's like an entire college degree worth of doggy mommying! So crazy. Here are some pics of my babies from their 4th year of life (Noodle pics courtesy of Christine, Ben, and Jenn):
Awkward nap:
 Gentlemanly nap:
 Napping in his new home:
 Begging for a belly rub:
 How he likes to enjoy his bones, about 5 min at a time:
 Shredder we call him:
 Noodle hard at work:
 Making big friends at the dog park:
 Sunday football:
 Monopoly starts and everybody does their part:
 Noodle helping with Xmas stockings:
 Baloo 'hunting' at the park:
 Making sure they get his order right at the drive-thru:
 Enjoying a beachy breeze:
 Enjoying the view:
 Rediscovered his love for puddles:
 Discovering snow:
 Smiles at the park:
 Smiles (from me at least) while visiting the Noodle in WA:
 Look at that tongue:
 Space Noodle:
 Krolls at Xmas, where are Noodle's pjs?

Can't wait for momma Christine to visit Baloo in several weeks! Happy Birthday Boys!

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