Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ooh La La Cupcakes Katy, TX

So I've finally tried what I consider to be the last major cupcakery in Houston! I stopped by Ooh La La Cupcakes on my way home from Austin in February. I was very impressed with both their flavor selection and taste! Too bad they're all the way out in Katy (where I never go). Note: they are not just a cupcakery, they sell pies, cookies, cakes etc. But you know I roll cupcakes so that's what I tasted.


 Cherry Limeade (a la the Sonic beverage) mini cupcake:

Smores cupcake:

Peanut butter cup cupcake:

These cupcakes are ginormous so the $3.25 price is justified. I wish more places offered delicious minis (they are hard to keep moist due to the large surface area exposed to the air)- they're very convenient when you want to try lots of flavors. I give this cupcakery an A+ and I wish they would move more South east ;)

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  1. but they're right by my parent's house :) sweet!!!