Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Great Urban Race, Houston 2012

Crazy admission: I'm not the biggest fan of running. I know this doesn't make sense since I run a lot and play soccer nonstop and ran track (indoor and outdoor seasons) in high school. I occasionally like running, but for the most part I find it boring and I lose interest pretty quickly. However, if you spice running up with say a scavenger hunt, now I'm totally pumped. That is why I love the Great Urban Race. I did it two years ago with Christine and I think we did an awesome job considering that neither of us had a smart phone at the time. This year, my sister, Jesse, came to visit on the Great Urban Race weekend and she agreed (she actually likes running) to do the race with me. In case you're not familiar with GUR, the idea is that everyone is given a sheet of 12 tasks that you must complete before returning to the finish line. You have to figure out where the task is by the clues they give you and then run there and complete the challenge. You can do the tasks in any order and you can skip one non-mandatory clue. We placed 68th overall (out of 262 finishers and 47 non-finishers) with a time of 2:46- GO WOLFEPACK! Here are some pics of us during the race:

Feeding a stick of gum to a stranger:
 Learning to segway and then completing a course:
 Trying a brownie and guessing it's flavor:
 Giving a stranger a piggy-back ride:
 New friend at the YMCA:
 Jesse wanted some python action too:
 Shots of salsa at Cyclone Anaya's:
 I chose verde sauce:
 Dying of heat at the Houston Fireman Museum:
 Finish line:

This race is seriously so much fun and you should totally do it next time it's in your city!

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  1. Sound like fun. You should check out CitySolve Urban Race when it returns to Houston next year.