Monday, July 15, 2013

Free Press Summer Fest 2013

I survived my firs music festival! Houston may never overtake Austin as the music center of Texas, but we do have FPSF. Aside from holding this music festival one weekend earlier (seriously difference of 10 degrees this year!) I don't really have many complaints from this weekend, such fun! Now, it was my first music festival so I don't have much to compare it to music festival-wise, but I can compare it to other fun and this was pretty high on the list of fun things to do in Houston. Seriously, get your tickets early next year and you can get 2 days of crazy awesome tunes for like $60. Here was my weekend, at least the parts I remember:

Team feathered friends meetup at Feagan House before Day 1

2 Chainz!!

Us ladies on Day 1

Nice stache, sir

Lauren and I on Day 1

Got me some before it ran out, delish!

Passion Pit!!! Fave of Day 1.

Hey, Humberto's back!

Calvin Harris, feeling awesome...

Calvin Harris:

Day 2 at Feagan House

Feathered Friends

Dudes with Lauren

Some pretty epic headbands

Matt and Kim
Kim crowd walking

Day 2 group

 The nugget getting her dance on


To-do list: Buy FPSF 2014 tix.

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