Friday, July 12, 2013

Christine and Abby Come to Houston

Christine and Abby were in Houston in the beginning of June for a wedding so I got to see them again! It was Abby's first trip to Houston and I feel like she fit in quite well. Perhaps she needs to move here...

Randi, Joe, Ryan, And Duck came up from Clear Lake to see Christine and meet Abby

Abby meeting her cousin/brother, Baloo

Finally visiting Eatsie Boys!

So glad I did because it was delicious! Frank the Pretzel:

Da bomb:

They sometimes have homemade ice cream sandwiches, but were out the day we went. They ad libbed some for us anyways! This one is snickerdoodles with pistachio ice cream:

It was super yummy!

Happy to be with these ladies (not pictured: Mary Furg), not so happy to sit on grass

Such a pretty lady!

Boom, curls:

Holy moly, pulling up on everything:

Me and the nugget having some fun in their hotel room:

Ugh, the next time I see them is not soon enough! Thanks for coming to H-town, ladies!

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