Monday, July 8, 2013

Seattle Visit

In May I went to Seattle to visit Mat and then Christine, Abby and the Noodle. I hadn't seen Abby since Christmas, which is way too long! She was no longer a baby and more of a little human and in only 5 months, so crazy! Last time I visited, we spent a little time in the city, but not much so I enlisted my friend, Mat, to give me a better look at the city. While I already knew this from my last brief visit, I love Seattle! If it wasn't so cold I would seriously contemplate moving there. Here are the adventures from my travels via pics:

Almost there!

First stop: Woodland Park Zoo

Lion cubs!

Playing with their food

It's kinda hard to tell with the glare, but this dude was giving me the eye:

Sleeping Wallaroo, pretty sure Gracie (my parents' dog) is related:

Pretty epic North American exhibit. No zoom on this baby:

Sea otter swimming:

White wolf, King of the North!

Gone fishing:

Baby gorilla sticking his tongue out at me:

Sleeping leopard right against the exhibit.

Stinky flamingos
Next stop: neighborhood brewery.
Yummy sips

In search of dinner we found this fun mural

Parting ways at the Mulkiteo Ferry, til next time, sir!

Time for some Abby! Look, solid foods- so big!

Mustaches for Daddy

Playing on the ferry to Port Townsend

My Noodle 

He loves my selfies

Saying goodbye to this nugget at the airport

Only thing that makes goodbye ok is that they would be in Houston a week later

Thanks to Mat and Christine for having me in one of my favorite cities. I'll be back soon, get excited!

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