Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Subscriptions

I added another subscription for May, Glam Bag, and am still getting my Birchbox and my Foodzie box (at least until June). Here are all the goodies I received this month:

New Glam Bag:
I looooved the Studio Gear lipstick! Really a perfect color match for me which is a miracle. The brushes and Philosophy perfume were nice as well. I will definitely never use those nail sticker things.

Gossip Girl Inspired Birchbox:

I love the Dior mascara, very lush! The Miracle Skin Transformer stuff seems like putting makeup all over my body and in Houston that means I'm going to be sweating makeup off all day, gross. The Dior perfume smelled like old lady and the Shu Uemura cleansing oil is nice, but not enough of a cleanser for post-soccer hair.

Foodzie Box:
This Foodzie box was a bust for me. The only items I ate were the hazelnuts and the soda, and neither of them were spectacular. The raw cookie was gross (but Baloo still ate it), the marionberry fruit de pate was ok but weird, and the sausage was completely molded over and smelled like butt. I wouldn't even let Baloo taste it- went straight in the trash. I think June will be my last month of this box. I don't think it's holding its worth since they made it bigger and more expensive.

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