Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Christine's H-town Visit!

I was counting down to this visit since February when she booked her ticket. Soooooo happy to see Teeners again, and pregnant Teeners at that! We got to eat lots of old faves as well as discover a few new faves at the Haute Wheels food truck festival. Thanks to everyone who came out with us, it definitely made the visit that much better! Here is a recap of the weekend:

First stop on the trip was lunch a Tookies (they have a pretty good turkey burger!). Christine was pretty pumped to be eating outside, I on the other hand got pooped on by a bird haha. Then, we headed to Boondoggles for a meet-up with Christine's old work group from NASA:

Next up was catching dinner with Josh and Shanna in the city before Shanna jetted off to Dallas for the weekend. We ate at our fave, Cyclone Anaya's and got to see Josh and Shanna for the first time since their engagement. Congratulations!

On Friday we hit up Cracker Barrel first thing (apparently there are no CBs in WA, boo). Then we did some bee-bopping around Clear Lake, errands and what-not. Took Baloo to the park etc. Then we headed back to Boondoggles for the HH I had set up for all our homies to see Christine on her visit. Here are a few peeps from that outing:

Saturday was the Haute Wheels food truck festival. Josh, Christine, and I headed into the city and tasted goodies from lots of the 30 different food trucks. There was also a beer and wine tent with lots of delicious microbrew action. I think my fave sampling was the fried macaroni and cheese with green chili sauce from the Fork in the Road truck:

Firehouse tacos (I believe these were pineapple and buffalo chicken):

Waffle Bus Chicken Waffle bites:

Angie's Cake Balls (ginger beer):

I definitely had tons of fun (and food) at this event and I was glad to have a few peeps up for the adventure (for once)! We met up with Steph and Josh that evening for some Thai Cottage and B&J.

Sunday was actually Mother's Day so I booked a brunch for Christine and I at Haven downtown. I've been wanting to try this restaurant because it's green-inspired (meaning they grow a lot of their own veggies in an organic garden out back and even have their own bees!) and seasonal (so the menu is always changing). The brunch was a set menu that gave you a few choices per course. The first course was free range deviled eggs (just normal). For the second course I chose smoked pork belly and a scrambled yard egg (both were good, but pretty standard) and Christine chose brioche french toast with homemade Greek yogurt (she said the french toast was ok but the yogurt was yummy!):

For the main course I chose a grilled gulf fish and gulf shrimp over a wheat berry salad (it was killer delicious!!!) and Christine had the farm egg frittata (another winner).

For dessert we shared a slice of cheesecake and chocolate ice box pie (both pretty amazing).

Over all the food was very good, but could def use a little more pizazz on the opening numbers. The ambiance was definitely top notch. My one complaint was not food related at all. I had called to try and expand our reservation and was vehemently denied by whomever answered the phone, and yet when we arrived we were sat at a 4-top and there were empty tables around. Not cool. Here is us leaving Haven:

Since Christine was flying out that afternoon, we made a quick pit-stop at the galleria for a visit to GAP Maternity and then headed to Josh's place to see him once more and get in a bit of backgammon haha. Here is my last pic with Teeners and her bump:

Sooo excited to be an aunt, obviously! September can't come soon enough! Thanks a million for visiting Houston, Christine! I had a great time and I can't wait til the next time we get to hang out :)

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