Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day Pig Roast

I was in town this Memorial Day and a group of my friends decided to have a pig roast to celebrate the holiday. The party was in fact a "Jarty" that required all guests to wear denim, lots and lots of denim. It was also pretty hot that day so I was able to unearth a jean skirt and a jean jacket, but it was way too hot for that so I stuck with just the skirt and an undershirt (to class it up). There were a few far better outfits at the party, however:

And, as the title suggests, there was also a pig roast. Now, this wasn't a giant pig turning on a spit (as I witnessed once on a trip to Penn State with my friend, Kait), but it was still pretty delicious:

To cool off, there was a shot block out back and lots of other fun activities. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took (at least a little bit of) time to remember all those who have passed in protection of our country!

Happy Memorial Day!

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