Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greek Turkey Burgers

After smelling grills all over Houston from summer kicking off and the weather being awesome, I felt the need for some burgers. Now, i don't actually have a grill (doing this recipe on a grill would make it way more awesome), but these Greek turkey burgers were still delicious after being sauteed. Check out my new favorite summer meal:

*Note: I nearly never eat potato chips, but when I do it's always the Kettle Cooked black pepper ones, yum!

Greek Turkey Burgers (from Daily Worth- which happens to be a finance blog that all the ladies out there need to start reading!)

1 lb ground turkey
4 oz crumbled feta
1c chopped fresh spinach
sliced tomato and red onion

6oz plain Greek yogurt (I used vanilla since that's what I had)
1T fresh lemon juice
1/4c minced peeled cucumber
1/4t minced garlic
1/8t dill
salt and pepper

In a large bowl, combine turkey, spinach, and feta. Mix really well, season with salt and pepper. Form about 6 patties and place on grill (or in broiler pan, or in saute skillet). Cook until no longer pink in the middle (25min in oven, 7min each side on grill, about 15 min flipping in saute pan). Meanwhile, combine sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Mix well and adjust flavors to taste. Assemble with tomato and red onion.


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  1. Hi! Just found your blog through H-Town Hotties =)I'm moving to Houston in a few weeks, so I'm trying to find all the blogger ladies out there! And oh my goodness, that recipe looks AMAZING. Definitely going to be visiting your blog more often ;)
    Nice to meet ya!