Thursday, July 29, 2010

Austin Cupcakeries

While in Austin this past weekend I made sure to try out a few cupcakereies in the area. I found Delish Cupcakes online and decided that their online reviews were the best and headed straight there. I purchased a red velvet, lemon zest, ginger carrot, and cookies and cream. Christine purchased enough to share with some of our friends who were still in Austin. We all tried our cupcakes after a nice P.F. Chang's lunch and were somewhat underwhelmed. The carrot cake was pretty good, but not excellent. The red velvet was definitely dry. The cookies and cream had delicious icing but the cake crumbled beneath it, it was so dry. The lemon zest was a great cupcake but not as good as other lemons I've tasted. Over all rating: C. Here is a pic of my cupcakes:

The next place was recommended by our waiter at PF Chang's called Sugarmama's so we headed there after lunch. The place was soooo small that they really didn't have much room to display many flavors and what they had out was mostly what I had already bought at Delish. I ended up getting a Mud Pie cupcake which is described by the bakery as: "Chocolate cake covered in whipped coffee buttercream frosting, crushed chocolate cream sandwich cookies, whipped cream, and a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup." I was too full to eat anymore on Sunday but I tried it right after lunch on Monday and I must say it was really good. Like all chocolate cakes I've tried from bakeries, a little dry, but the beastly icing carried the slack for sure. Overall rating: B (higher marks would be given for more variety). Here's my cupcake:

Anyone have some suggestions for when i make a return trip?

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