Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grand Canyon

Check one Natural Wonder of the World off my list! Tuesday (the 6th, Happy Birthday Mamma!) was the big Grand Canyon day. We first stopped at Sunset Crater Volcano. It hadn’t erupted since 1064 but the lava rock was still everywhere. The black rock was interesting and so was seeing the vegetation still barely able to thrive in the lava rock, even after nearly 1000 years. Here is the volcano itself and some of the surrounding park:

We then finished the drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim. We traveled from East to West along the rim and made several stops for pictures and to just admire the view. Here are some pictures from our travels:

You can see the Colorado River in this one:

Grandma and I at the desert Watchtower:

More of the Colorado River:

Interesting bush that looked like a succulent:

Jesse admiring the view:

Jesse and I on a tree on the edge of the canyon, if we fell back we would tumble down the ridge:

Cactus in bloom:

View from Lookout Studio:

I want to return and actually hike the Grand Canyon someday, maybe an overnight trip!

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