Friday, July 29, 2011


Pretty much everyone who's anyone is on this site now, but if your not- get with the program! I know you've been searching for the newest time suck ad here it is! I love it because I no longer have to print out all my home decorating or to-do craft inspirations (eco-friendly!) and it's all in one place easily reviewable from any internet source. Check out my boards and make some of your own (be sure to frined me)!Some of my bedroom inspiration pins:
Love the orange wall and starburst mirror:


And of course the headboard inspiration:

Bottom right ottoman would be fun for my chair:

Cozy slipper chair inspiration:

Need a crazy fun rug in my colors (orangey coral, grey, and navy):

Enjoy pinning!


  1. you're welcome for inviting you :)

  2. You did not invite me you requested to be friends with me. I got a beta invite forever ago :P

  3. Love all the photos! What fun interior inspiration!

  4. bahaha whoops- I remembered it how I wanted to I guess