Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cupcakery Review: SWEET in City Centre, Houston

Recently I was able to convince my good friend, Ryan, to come to City Centre with me to check out the scene. I'd hear lots of good things about the area, but contrary to it's name City Centre is not anywhere near the center of the city. It is, in fact, a good 10 min NW of Houston on I-10, which means far from me here on the SE side of Houston. So, I finally trekked out there for a Sunday brunch with Ryan and his really awesome friend from grad school and her husband. After brunch we went to SWEET bakery for a little dessert. Everyone got a cupcake and I also ordered an assortment of macarons! Yessss macarons in Houston!Very exciting stuff. Here is our loot:

I kept the macarons for later (they were delicious), but we tasted our cupcakes then and there. I believe the cupcakes (from L to R) are peanut butter, vanilla, and 2 nutellas. I had the peanut butter and a bite of the nutella. Both cupcakes were very delicious and I was very impressed with the intensity and moistness of the peanut butter. The nutella was a filled cupcakes so it was extra decadent too. I can't say that I'll be road-tripping out there just for the cupcakes, but I would recommend that you swing by if you're in the area. Rating: A (need more variety).

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