Monday, July 18, 2011

Cupcakery Review: Crumbs Bakery in Washington D.C.

I can't tell you how excited I am to be writing Crumbs Bakeshop!!! I've almost payed to have them shipped to me a billion times, luckily I stopped myself before forking over $71.26 for a 6-pack!!!!! total insanity. If you are so lucky to be within sane driving distance of a Crumbs, you should definitely give them a try. They get mad props for quantity of flavors available. Although I must say that they really wuss out on some of the flavors by simply flavoring the icing instead of the whole cupcake (cookie dough, Oreo). I ordered a dozen to share with the fam over the 4th of July holiday. The cupcakes themselves are really big (which is good since they run $3.75 a pop), so we ended up cutting them in 4s so we could all taste the flavors. My favorites were the apple cobbler- so many apple bits yum, the squiggle- basically a way better hostess cake, and the creamsicle-very strong orange and vanilla going on. Overall rating: A, need to really commit to some of the half-hearted flavors. Here are a few pics:
Red Velvet:

A dozen had to go in 2 containers!


East End Storefront on 11th ST NW:

Lemon meringue:

Cookies and Cream:

Note: this company recently went public so there should be a bakeshop popping up near you sometime in the future. Also, sounds like some yummy stocks to have in your portfolio!

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  1. Isn't Crumbs amazing?! I finally got to go when we went to NYC a few weeks ago! OMG I can't get over it. I ordered more over-the-top flavors, though, so I guess I'll know to stay away from the more basic ones. I never really go the "basic" route with a cupcake, anyway. lol. Glad you loved it!