Monday, November 15, 2010

Cupcakery Review: Frosted Betty Bakeshop- Food Truck

After Celebrity Cupcakes I received a tweet (yes, I twitter, it's fun) that the Frosted Betty Bakeshop food truck was going to be out and about in the Heights (which Jesse wanted to visit to view some neat architecture anyways) so we booked it over to 19th street in search of a food truck. We found it just in time. I was excited to see some cupcake flavors listed that I had never tried before such as pistachio cardamom, but, alas they were sold out already. I ordered a salted caramel cupcake and Jesse got a vanilla cupcake with nutella icing. The guy actually was really nice and gave us a free coconut mini. The cake was good, but I pretty much hate coconut haha. It was nice all the same! Jesse's nutella icing was delicious. I've never had Nutella plain but I think I might have to try making some icing form it in the future. My salted caramel didn't taste super caramel-y and the chocolate cupcake was dry.

Overall: C+ for excellent friendliness and excitement of tracking down the truck, cupcakes only so-so.

*Note: I still want to visit their brick and mortar shop in Katy because they have an amazing variety on their menu!

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