Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cupcakery Review: Delesandri's Gourmet Cupcakes in Clear Lake Shores, TX

On my way to a doctors appointment today I saw a sign for a Cupcakery where an ice cream parlor had once been. I made it a point to stop at Delesandri's Gourmet Cupcakes on my way back from my appointment because, OMG a cupcakery in Clear Lake-it's what I've been waiting for! I walked in and ordered a mocha latte, white chocolate macadamias nut, boston creme pie, and a eggnog cupcake. Once I got home and had eaten my lunch I decided to dive in and try them all before going back to work (don't judge me, I have soccer tonight I promise). I ate half of each cupcake and, unfortunately, was disappointed all around. The mocha latte was extremely dry and had only a faint coffee flavor in the icing. The white chocolate macadamias nut wasn't bad, just lacking in the actual macadamia nut department (and a hot mess to eat with the icing dripping down the sides). The Boston creme pie was good (I love custard), but then I kept tasting this strange aftertaste of what I assume to be the preservative juice from the maraschino cherry on top. It made the ganache taste really strange and chemical. And finally, the biggest disappointment was the eggnog cupcake. Generally the flavor of eggnog pretty much knocks your socks off, but this cupcake didn't taste like anything other than a vanilla cupcake. And the icing not only looked like straight butter piped on top, it also tasted like it. I couldn't eat more than the first bite of that one. Here are some pictures if you are still interested in checking them out:

Mocha Latte Cut:

White Chocolate Macadamia Cut:

Boston Creme Pie Cut:

Eggnog Cut:

I hate to post a negative review, but I was super excited about this cupcakery and was, therefore, all the more disappointed during my tasting. Sad times.


  1. I, too, had some of these cupcakes. They were absolutely the worst I had ever eaten. The icing was so bad that I had to spit it out and it still left a greasy film in my mouth. Very gross cupcakes.

  2. Shoot, I just bought the Groupon for this place today. I recently moved to the Friendswood area and I was super excited to learn there was FINALLY a cupcake bakery on my side of town. So far the BEST cupcakes in Houston has to be Crave Cupcakes, yummy!

  3. hmmm well hopefully they've gotten infinitely better since the fall...

  4. Dear jaclyn, this place has gotten infinitely better since the fall. I agree that when they first opened their cupcakes were terrible. However for some reason they taste amazing now. I guess they changed up their recipes. My favorite is their new chocolove and strawberry cream cloud. you should give it another try, now that they know what their doing.

  5. Dear Jaclyn,

    I too was very disappointed in the quality of cupcakes that I brought at Delasandri's Gourmet Cupcakes. I brought a dozen to take to my daughter-in-laws for a family get together. To be honest, I was embarrassed that I had brought them over to share with my family and friends. They were really awful. Very dry and grain-y tasting. I will not be back.