Thursday, September 23, 2010

OMG Amazing Cupcakes

Today I have 2 sets of amazing cupcakes to share with you all. First aren't actually cupcakes, but they are cake in a small form so check out this collection of cake pops. Since the Bakerella blog has gotten so popular and she has even published a book on her cake pops, everyone on the web is getting into them now. I haven't tried to make them, but perhaps I should give it a try! Here are some cake pops by Bakerella herself:
From her book, Cakepops
from her blog, Bakerella
From her blog, Bakerella

And some from peeps around the web:
Picture from Cupcrazed on Flickr
Another picture from Cupcrazed on flickr
Picture from Vanilla and Lace Blog

The second awesome cupcakes of the week are these amazing Under the Sea Cupcakes from You can see all the cupcakes here on her Flickr account. Worth a look!


  1. Thanks for featuring my Under the Sea cupcakes on your adorable blog!! :)

  2. Well how could I not? You actually created an aquarium out of cupcakes, amazing!