Friday, September 17, 2010

Dragon Hat

Recently my friend, Krista G., requested that I make a few items for her as baby shower type gifts. Krista has been easily my best friend/customer and I love her requests because they are usually for things that I haven't made yet so I get to start new projects. This time around she asked for a dragon hat for the baby of a couple that loves going to Renaissance Festival etc. This project was so much fun from deciding on a neat scaly fabric to making the whole project come together to look like a dragon (and not like a fish as earlier test runs did). Anywho, the final project was completed last week and delivered yesterday and it was a success. Here is the finished product:

Thanks so much Krista for requesting awesome things and being such a great customer!

P.S. I hope everyone enjoys their last weekend of summer, Wednesday is the first day of Autumn. And remember to talk like a pirate on Sunday, arrrr.

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