Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCAA March Madness!

Last weekend was the Regional Finals for NCAA March Madness! Houston’s Reliant Stadium was hosting some of these games and I ended up going with some friends. We saw the Baylor vs St. Mary’s game. What happened to St. Mary’s? They must have been outta gas after beating Villanova because they got whomped by the Baylor Bears, which of course made the mostly Baylor (hello Waco is only 186 miles away) crowd very happy. Then we saw the Duke vs Purdue game. Much better game even if Duke was involved ;) The Baylor and Duke wins helped my brackets and it was great to see some college basketball again! Here are some pics:

Lot's of yellow and green Baylor fans:

Devin, Steve, me, and Steph at the games:

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