Monday, November 16, 2009

Dallas Tourney

In case you didn't know I love soccer. Love love love soccer. I play as often as humanly possible. So when I was asked by one of my Gilruth teammates to play with her other coed team in a Dallas tournament I said yes immediately. Tournament soccer is especially exciting, higher intensity, and tons of fun. The coed cup was held in Plano, TX right outside of Dallas. We did quite well for a first out of town tournament together (especially considering we got bumped up a division for no reason). We won our first two games, lost the third of the round robin play. That put us in the playoffs and we ended up losing our first playoff game to the team that won our division. Not a bad showing! also exciting: this was my first trip to Dallas, or any Texas city other than Houston for that matter. We got turned around on our way back home and ended up driving past the Grassy Knoll! Very fun! Some pics:

Team Dinner at Saltgrass:

Mark and Nathan showing off their impeccable table manners:

Leslie and Steph at dinner:

Team pic of The Zoo:

Silly pic:

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