Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Color Run 2013

I already did the Color Fun Fest with my soccer ladies, but we wanted to see how the original Color Run ran things, plus it was during the day and our first one was at night. We convinced a few more ladies to run this one and had a pretty good group. Unfortunately it ended up being a super cold and windy day and we were worried that we wouldn't get enough color. We needn't be worried, as you can see in these pics:

All pretty and clean before the run

Soooo many people, and this is just one of 3 flights

Check out these tutus

Blue station approach

Yellow station

Before color toss at the finish

Fail on my part at the jump pic, congrats to everyone else

Getting a little leaf blower action to clean some of the color off

So colorful!!!

Had so much fun with these ladies, can't wait for our next run!

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