Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Zip Code

One of the billion things I was juggling during my blogging hiatus was deciding to and then figuring out where to move. I decided I needed to live in the city as opposed to the suburbs of Houston. This was a little bit of a hard decision because it meant not only a much longer commute (like 3x as long) but also a slight increase in cost of living. Now, my plan last year was to move to DC so the change in cost of inner city Houston is not nearly as bad as I had been bracing for, but still. I was a bit panicky when, with 2 weeks left until my lease ended I had not found a new apartment. Luckily, I was touring around near Highland Village on St. Patty's weekend and stumbled upon a great option that was actually reasonable to live in a single. Pretty much got the application, moving truck, packing etc all done in about a week. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

How has the move worked out you ask? Why don't you tell me how it looks to you:

Finally got all my stuff in the new place

At Chris' plate reveal at The Flying Saucer

St. Patty's weekend

Good times at Royal Oak

An unusually large group of ladies having fun in Midtown

Ok so technically not downtown, but the Chili Cookoff happened after I moved

Working on getting Steph into the city

Baloo loves his trips to the Arboretum

10 min from Saint Arnold's

Things go down at the Drinkery

First Grouper!

Having so much fun! And I just bought a sleeper sofa, so come visit!!

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