Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood, TX

I went to a baby shower a few weekends ago. It was immediately after a super hot soccer game (yes, I showered in between but it was lickidy-split!) and I left with a mad dehydration/hunger headache. It was so bad that I was searching for somewhere to eat before I even made it home. Lo and behold, this cupcakery popped up on my drive home and it was open on a Sunday! I stopped into Rise Cupcakes in Friendswood, TX and picked up a couple of goodies. I got a Lu Lu Lemon and Ole Faithful (red velvet). I ate the Ole Faithful on the spot and the Lemon when I got home. I like them both cake-wise, but the frosting was really out of control. I only ate about a third of the frosting (Baloo was happy to help with the leftovers). Since too much frosting isn't really the worst problem you could have I give this cupcakery an A. And the decor of the place was really spectacular. Check out their website and facebook page for more info. Here are my pics:
Lovely box:

My selections:

Yummy red velvet:

This last picture is from their facebook page, I had to include it because their interior is so gorgeous and I was mad that I didn't take any pictures inside:

Check em out!

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