Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Foodzie Box

The Foodzie Box is changing again! They now give you a sneak peek of three different box options and you get to choose which you think you might like. It definitely takes a bit of the mystery and fun out of it, but it also has the possibility of eliminating disappointment. Here are my goodies from February (I chose the movie night theme):

Black Ace Red Licorice- very yummy and addicting. I think I ate the entire bag by the end of the first day (I'm a product of a twizzler-loving family). $4.89 +$9.03s&h

I haven't gotten brave enough to pop this stuff up yet, but it's on my to-do list this week. I think I'm afraid of making a giant popcorn mess/ possible grease fire in my apt. $10.89 (s&h included)

 Taylor's Tonics Chai Cola. This was the one fail of this box (for me). I felt like I was drinking straight cardamom, which is not something I find pleasant. $36/12 so 1= $3
 Zingerman's Zzang! Bar Original. I could hardly wait until after dinner to eat this beauty. Super fresh nougat, hit of caramel, and smooth dark chocolate makes this perfection. Love! $6 + $9.99 s&h
Surf Sweets Gummy Bears. I liked these but I don't think they were better than the Acai gummies of previous Foodzie boxes. $23.09/12 so 1= $1.92

Joycup Peanut Butter Cups. These were super delish! I can never resist the chocolate/ peanut butter combo and these were particularly rich! $5 + s&h

Droga Confections The Lovelies. I've always been a fan of yogurt covered raisins, but chocolate-covered just doesn't quite strike me the same way. They were good quality raisins and chocolate, but it's just not a fave flavor combo for me. $16.95/14oz so 4oz= $4.84 +$8 s&h

So it looks like the grand total value of February's Foodzie box is $36.54. And since I really didn't like the soda (I had to pour it out) I'm saying my value was $33.54. Looks like we're breaking more than even still, and considering all the shipping cost of these items individually I'm going to conclude: still a good value!

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