Friday, February 24, 2012

Conscious Box

I have recently been trying out different monthly box subscriptions to see if I liked them better than my current ones (Foodzie and Birchbox). One of those I was giving a trial run was the Conscious Box. I was particularly drawn to this box because of their environmentally friendly theme. They choose products from companies that practice ethical production. Lots of the stuff is organic as well. I didn't photograph the first one I received because there was so much stuff in it, I figured it would be difficult to see. My second one I spread everything out for your viewing pleasure:

My general consensus from these two boxes is that the food is barely edible (although insanely healthy) and the items in here I find not at all useful. I now have 2 bottles of hand sanitizer and I barely ever use hand sanitizer as a rule. I'm getting one more of these boxes and then ending my subscription. If you are extremely passionate about eco-friendly products and eating an extremely whole grain vegan diet then this box might be for you, but it's not my jam.

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